Created to give longer life to the daily products of your baby

"Knowledge is acquired and the passion grows"

Our First Steps

The creation of our brand started in 2012. We studied the market in detail, and since one of our passions is crochet, we decided to include in every accessory a feature in crochet. It was just the beginning.

After a few tries, we were still not convinced about the style of the accessories, and since we wanted everything to be perfect, it was time to go back to the drawing table and try some new ideas.

In 2014, we brought to life some products, and we decided to launch Pataxoca's Facebook Page, to let the world know about our work. However, it was only in 2015, that people started to ask more about our accessories.


During the year 2018, our brand was growing so fast on a global scale that we were forced to adopt an international name. Our Pataxoca, name with Portuguese roots, had to be changed. From the beginning of the rebranding process that we knew that the duck image was a keeper. So our new name had to be duck related.

Style & Originality

Our style is to play with lovely patterns and mixing nice colors, to have a beautiful result while keeping in mind that we are creating items for children.

Originality was our goal, and core difference to the market was to start including a crochet application in each one of our items. We find crochet beautiful, and we had to go further with is. For that reason, we decided to expand to hats and shoes, for babies and children but keep in mind that they had to be original.

Originality is one of our fundamental values. The concept that we present is entirely designed by ourselves.


100% Handmade

Everything that we make is 100% handmade, and we only work with high quality, 100% cotton and Organic cotton, material.