Created to give longer life to the daily products of your baby

Frequently Asked Questions

Why have you decided to create this brand?

The moment I discovered that I was pregnant, I immediately went to the stores to find the products I needed. I had in mind certain types of products, products of my imagination, but I always went home empty-handed. I could not find one. It was frustrating.

I decided to start designing the articles I had imagined and making them a reality. When they went from paper to reality, I was super happy.

Going forward, I decided that this idea could become a project with a future, due to the great enthusiasm it generated around me.


Also, your products have a longer life, as you said. What do you mean about that?


Being a mother, I went through the experience of having to buy the same item over and over to keep up with my son's growth — for example, the bath towel. We had one for when it was born, which lasted until six months. Then I had to buy another one that continued until he was three years old and finally one of the three years up to the age of 6 years. That’s why I created products that would have a longer life, like for example,

  • the Apron Towel, which goes from newborn until six years old.

  • The bandana that goes from the moment he uses a pacifier and later it can become just a beautiful accessory when he’s older

  • the Beach Towel, that was made with a size that any grownup can also use.

  • the Changing Bag that it’s perfect for the diapers moment, and later can be used as a beach bag when the baby becomes older.

Of course, all of my products had to be made from high-quality material to last longer.

How to differentiate  “The Duckies - Design Store” from the others?

I needed to differentiate myself from the competition, so I decided it was going to be a full color, practical, original brand and needed something that would set me apart from others, so included the crochet detail. Something only my products have.


Why is sustainability so essential for you?

First reason, I had the experience of being parent, and I saw how much parents spent on products that lasted for just a small period. I need to be smart spending money.

The second reason, we need to preserve our planet, every item we throw away it’s one more item that will finish at a dumpster polluting our planet.

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Why all your products are 100% cotton or organic cotton?

My son has a skin problem, so when I started this project, I had to choose materials that wouldn’t harm him. So after investigating I saw that these were the best options. Also, all babies have very sensitive skins, and like this, I am sure they stay free from harm.

I choose every fabric that I use very carefully.